Client/Server Model

APPX utilizes a Client/Server computing model. APPX supports many different types of desktop environments and clients. The APPX Connection Manager is the key to accessing APPX regardless of whether the client is Windows® or Linux, local or remote.

APPX Connection Manager

Whether accessing applications and data locally or remotely, the APPX Connection Manager validates user ID and passwords and launches applications and data connections.

User Interfaces

APPX supports the following user interfaces:

  • The APPX Client (for all desktops that support Java)
  • The Web Client (run APPX applications in your browser)
  • The Win32 Client (for Windows desktops only)
  • The UNIX Client (character mode)

ODBC Driver for Windows

APPX also includes an ODBC driver for Windows that allows Windows applications to access APPX data whether stored locally or remotely.


APPX supports distributed processing. Configure multiple servers for your data and your applications.

Web Interfaces

Use APPX as a backend for your web applications. Our interfaces for Windows and UNIX web servers allow you to easily add real-time data access to your web applications.


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