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Online APPX Manuals

APPX documentation is available online for all APPX users. Three manuals, all fully browsable with indexes and hyperlinks, will help APPX designers, administrators, and users get the most out of their software.

All three manuals are currently available as HTML documents, and may be browsed by clicking on their respective titles. They are also downloadable, by clicking the link at the end of each paragraph. Note that these are large files to download.

Customer Support System

APPX offers advanced (paid) support options on either an annual or per-incident basis. Supported customers are entitled to access to the ECR System, an archive of enhancement requests, bug reports, and troubleshooting tips.


Emergency Licenses thru OCSS

Do you need an APPX License for an emergency system-down situation? Be sure to have a copy of your current APPX Registration Key, and click this icon:

NOTE: Clicking this link may install or update your Java release and APPX client release.  If the emergency registration application fails to load, please notify Joe Ortagus via the link here.

License Request

Request an APPX license.


View bug reports and enhancement requests by APPX users and developers.


The APPX Wiki contains user, administrator, and developer resources for APPX, as well as a wide range of manuals and support guides.


Frequently asked questions regarding APPX.