Online VAR Support System

The APPX Online VAR Support System allows licensed resellers to generate their own temporary licenses for a variety of purposes, including evaluation, marketing, system-down emergencies, and more.

To access the OVSS, just click this button:

Online VAR Support System

NOTE: Clicking this link may install or update your Java release and APPX client release.






Having trouble with the above "OVSS" link?




You can access the Online VAR Support System manually with a previously installed APPX Desktop Client. Follow these instructions:




To access the OVSS, you must have a current version of the APPX Desktop Client, to establish a connection between your desktop and the APPX OVSS Server. If you don't already have it on your computer, download and install the APPX Desktop Client software. Simply download the installation file and then execute it. The APPX Desktop Client will be added to your start menu. When you run the APPX Desktop Client, you should select the "Remote" tab and enter the following connection information:


Login appxvar
Password appxvar
Server Port 8090